Wi-Fi Thermostats for Oil Heat

image of a wi-fi thermostat for fuel oil heating system

Fifty percent of the US households’ average energy consumption is their heating and cooling. Your oil heating system’s effectiveness and your home’s energy use can be significantly affected by the type of thermostat you have. Therefore, if you want to increase your oil boiler or furnace’s efficiency, think abling a Wi-Fi thermostat. This device allows you to automatically control the temperatures and have greater control of your home’s climate. Hence, you can reduce your energy bills. Apart from temperature automation and control, a Wi-Fi thermostat has other advantages as well.

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Advantages Of A Wi-Fi Thermostat For Oil-Heat Homes

Nine more benefits a Wi-Fi thermostat offers to oil-heat users include the following:

Thermostat Control From Virtually Anywhere

image of homeowner using phone to control oil home heating

There might be times when you intend to lower the temperature in your home before leaving but end up forgetting. If so, you likely know how frustrating it is to waste energy unnecessarily. You won’t have such issues when you have a smart Wi-Fi thermostat as it lets you have thermostat control remotely. All you need to do is install the assigned app on your phone, and you can use it to control the thermostat from anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection. This is a great approach towards reducing heating oil consumption.

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A Wi-Fi Thermostat Helps Save Heating Oil Costs & Energy

The US Department of Energy (DOE) states that you can have a 10% energy bill reduction simply by setting the temperature in your home 10 degrees lower at night or while you are away. This task is made much easier as you can utilize your phone to make the necessary adjustments on your Wi-Fi thermostat.

A Wi-Fi Thermostat Has Intuitive Displays And Easy Controls

Brightly lit, intuitive displays are one of the usual smart thermostat features. This allows you to read data easily. The controls can also be dials, buttons, or responsive touch screens. You should be able to operate a Wi-Fi thermostat if you know how to use a smartphone.

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Access Useful Oil Home Heating Metrics

image of homeowner using phone to determine energy use and wi-fi-thermostat

Having a smart thermostat means you have access to metrics and data that you can’t have when you own a dial or programmable thermostat. You can get statistics on your home’s energy consumption and behavior over time through the thermostat app. Once you are armed with this information, you can adjust your thermostat so that you lower your energy use while still maximizing comfort. A Wi-Fi thermostat can also tell you about how much energy you’ve saved so far and the humidity level in your home.

Multiple Thermostats At Multiple Locations

It can be a tedious and expensive endeavor to maintain several homes. You need to ensure that the oil heating system in each property works efficiently. This can be a challenging task, but smart thermostats can be handy in this situation. You can manage the climate in each home remotely via Wi-Fi thermostats with a single internet-enabled device.

Receive HVAC Maintenance Reminders

A well-maintained heating system enhances energy efficiency and home safety, lowers your heating bills, and creates proper airflow. Hence, make sure that your heater is always in tiptop shape. A Wi-Fi thermostat will help do this task with ease. After all, this device can determine the best time to book an oil furnace tune-up. More importantly, this device will set a reminder for you.

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Get Local Weather Updates

The weather can influence the efficiency and operation of your oil heater. For example, your home remains comfortable during warmer days even when the thermostat setting is at a lower temperature. On the contrary, you might need to increase your oil heat system’s temperature on colder days. This shows that your thermostat settings need adjusting per the changes in the weather. A smart thermostat helps you track such changes by displaying local weather information. It can also show weather updates on your phone. When you have this information, you can adjust your thermostat accordingly and be a more cost-effective household.

Customized Oil Heating Schedules

image of a smart thermostat and remote control for a fuel oil heating system

To achieve optimum efficiency, your thermostat should be able to adjust per your lifestyle. A smart lets you customize your oil heating schedule according to your lifestyle. You can set the Wi-Fi thermostat to automatically switch to a lower temperature when you’re at work. If you want your home to be warm by the time you come back, you can also set the thermostat to crank up the temperature minutes before you arrive home.

Integration With Other Smart Devices

Smart technology can be found virtually everywhere nowadays as more smart devices are used in homes and offices. Smart thermostats can even be connected to other smart devices like Google Nest or Amazon Echo. This integration means you can utilize voice commands to turn on the oil heating system. You can also establish custom commands so you can set oil heating schedules via voice commands. Keep in mind that incorporating your Wi-Fi thermostat with other smart devices will create a lot of exciting new options.



Strongly consider installing a Wi-Fi thermostat to help lower your energy costs and keep your home comfy. A smart thermostat provides a lot of benefits, including the nine aforementioned in this article. Apart from a smart thermostat, it would be best if you have a reliable heating oil provider as well, such as R.F. Ohl. Order now if you’re anywhere in northeastern Pennsylvania. We guarantee that we deliver highly affordable heating oil promptly.

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