How The Efficiency Of New Oil Heating Systems Increase Comfort & Decrease Fuel Use

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Families throughout the nation are reaping the benefits of technological advances in home heating systems Now is the perfect time to upgrade your oil heating system, given that newer heating oil systems are greatly outperforming older models. Heating equipment manufacturers are placing an increasingly strong focus on efficiency and their efforts have turned out some pretty remarkable innovations. People have the benefit of increased home comfort on excessively cold days. They’re even able to enjoy lower heating oil use given that the most efficient heaters are capable of accomplishing a lot more with less input. Keep reading to find out how these changes can be advantageous to you too.

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New Heating Oil Systems and Their Higher Levels of Efficiency

If you’re using an old oil-heat system in your home, it’s probably time to start looking for a replacement. This is a more than worthwhile decision given that some of the newest models can provide significant returns. These systems have efficiency ratings that are as high as 98 percent, and this means that they waste a lot less energy during normal operation. Fuel consumption will be markedly lower and your fuel savings can be as great as 48 percent. New oil boilers additionally come equipped with energy-saving controls for further lowering fuel use by up to 10 percent, and for generating added heat. Variable-speed motors in newer oil furnaces require 80 percent less electricity in comparison to traditional, single-speed motors. Even heating oil has been upgraded to create mixtures that burn cleaner and are far more efficient overall.

Recent Innovations That Are Driving Improvements in the Efficiency of Oil-Heat

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1. Heat Exchangers Have Gotten a Lot Lighter

When shopping for a new oil furnace, check each model’s feature list to see whether it has any of the latest innovations for improved efficiency. One of the top upgrades to look for in this area is a lighter heat exchanger. This component moves heat to the air from the combustion fuel. Lighter heat exchangers allow for improved heat transfer when compared to heavier designs.

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2. Electric Ignition Systems

Older furnaces often have standing pilot lights. By modern standards, this component is now obsolete. Electric ignition switches are a far preferable alternative given that they require a lot less energy. These switches only use power as needed.

3. Combustion Chambers That Are Fully Sealed

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Older furnaces have atmospheric combustion chambers. Given that these chambers are open to the home, they have a tendency to lose heat. New furnaces have combustion chambers that are completely sealed and that get their air from PVC pipes for improved heat retention and higher levels of safety.

4. Two-Stage Oil Furnace Models

An old furnace burner has just two states: OFF or ON. This type of furnace will always work at maximum capacity when in use. Comparatively, a new furnace burner has several states that allow them to save energy by working at a lower capacity whenever possible. This design additionally ensures even heat distribution throughout the building.

5. Variable-Speed Fans

Finally, new furnaces have fans that can work at varying speeds. This is quite helpful given that you don’t always need this fan to work at top speed. Lowering the fan settings will limit your fuel use.

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Consider These Outstanding Benefits of Upgrading to a High-Efficiency Oil-Heat Furnace

1. Longer Lifespans

You can expect a new oil-heat system to last much longer than an older one. The latest and most innovative features on this equipment allow them to cycle off and on as needed for decreased energy use. Apart from boosting their efficiency, this capability allows for extended rest times. This limits overall wear and tear and increases the lifespan of these units. Newer systems are also able to shed excess moisture chemical build-ups which helps increase their service life even more. As an added bonus, families get healthier living environments as well.

2. Enjoy Lower Utility Costs

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Many homeowners wait to buy new furnaces because of their considerable upfront costs. They hold onto dated heating equipment in an effort to save cash. However, an inefficient furnace can lead to significant increases in home energy bills. You can save more money by purchasing the right replacement to get lower home energy requirements. In several years, the value of your energy savings could exceed the cost of this upgrade. The annual fuel utilization efficiency rating (AFUE rating) of an older system tends to be about 65 percent while newer systems can have AFUE ratings as high as 98 percent.

3. Smaller Carbon Footprints

The decrease in fuel use when upgrading to a new heater can be remarkable. There are some households that wind up using about one-third of the fuel that they normally use given that newer heaters can produce sufficient heat with less energy. Your wallet isn’t the only thing that will benefit from this upgrade. There are impressive environmental benefits to consider as well. A high-efficiency model will lower carbon emissions and conserve important natural resources. If you want a greener and more efficient home, this is definitely the choice to make. In certain areas, homeowners may even be qualified for certain tax credits when they choose to have energy-efficient HVAC equipment installed.

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4. Less Stressing About Maintenance

After approximately one decade or so, most older systems begin to falter. Owners always have to be mindful about system maintenance to keep their heating equipment functioning as it should. They may even need to share out extra cash for repair services on an increasingly frequent basis. If you want to own your furnace stress-free, then start thinking about upgrading to a new one.

5. Improved Heat Distribution

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A lot of households deal with poor heat distribution is a common issue in large-sized homes. Some rooms are often noticeably warmer than others which could be uncomfortable for residents. A new oil-heat heating system can distribute heat evenly and more effectively so that everyone can sleep comfortably during the coldest part of winter. Airflow with these units is consistent, and indoor temperatures are much easier to manage.

6. Boost Your Home’s Value

Having a modern oil-heat heating system will boost the value of your home significantly and instantly. Buyers appreciate the benefits these systems provide and are often willing to pay a bit more for properties that have them.



There are a lot of things that homeowners can do to improve the energy efficiency of their properties including scheduling yearly HVAC tune-up service and having programmable, smart thermostats installed. However, nothing will have as great an impact than investing in modern, energy-efficient heating equipment. Get the above-mentioned benefits and more by making this upgrade now. Speak with a trusted HVAC company in your area to get help finding the right model and to learn more about your available options in financing.

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