Tips to Recognize Signs of Energy Loss in Your Home

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When you lose energy, it impacts how you live and also your living expenses. We are not focusing on when your body’s energy feels depleted; instead, we are looking at how you manage the energy in your home. If your utility bills continue to climb, then you may also be impacting your health. Therefore, you have to find home energy savers so that you can better manage your monthly costs.

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How To Notice Energy Loss In Your House

This article shares information on how you can recognize energy loss in your dwelling.

High Energy Bills

  • Poor lighting and old and ineffective appliances increase your electricity usage and costs.
  • While many electrical devices can go into “standby” mode, they continue to use energy.
  • When you look at furnaces, modern units are 90% efficient in converting fuel to heat; however, older units only offer 60% efficiency.
  • You can attribute high heating costs to leaking air and poor insulation.

Respiratory Issues, Eye Irritation, and Allergies

respiratory issues due to poor IAQ

  • Airborne irritants such as mold spores and dust result from dirty air filters, leaks in the ducts, and mold infestations.
  • If your home has a central air-conditioning system or forced-air heating, you may experience these issues and suffer from low energy efficiency and energy loss.

Ice Dams

Ice dams form when ice accumulates along the side of your roof. When heat escapes from inside your house to the attic and makes the snowmelt on the roof, ice dams form. These ice dams cause water leaks and damages to gutters and the roof.

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Cold Floors and Drafts at Wintertime


  • Cold drafts are created when air leaks into your house. The hot air leaves as the cold air enters.
  • If your floors are cold, you may have weak or inadequate insulation or infiltration of cold air.
  • During the summer, you may experience the opposite effect with warm floors and drafts.
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Condensation On Windows

  • When there is condensation on the windows during the winter, there may be poor ventilation in the bathroom or kitchen.
  • Condensation could also occur if a home has dated windows that are inefficient.

Hot Rooms in the Summer

Your rooms will be hot if your ducts leak, too much sunlight shines through older windows lacking reflective coating, or if there is duct leakage.

Issues with Hot Water

no hot water from water heater

  • An old or small water heater will not be able to supply adequate hot water in your house based on the demand.
  • Older water heaters typically waste energy; therefore, replace the unit after it passes its useful years of service.

Mildew and Mold in Crawl Spaces or Basements

  • If musty odors persist in crawl spaces of the basement, then you may have a mold problem.
  • Mold infestation could be caused by inadequate ventilation, air leaks, or poor insulation.

Mold in the Attic

If you see any dark stains under the roof sheathing, you may have moist air coming from other areas into the attic and forming on surfaces in the space.
Vent fans in the kitchen and bathroom also create mold in your attic by pushing air inside the attic, instead of outside the house.


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