Top Energy-Saving Tips For Spring And Summer

preparing your home for summerWinter has gone and soon, the summer months will begin. Although we won’t be using our heating systems, we will soon have to depend on our cooling units to keep our homes cool and comfortable. Unfortunately, operating HVAC systems consumes a lot of energy. You also have to shell out quite a sum of money.

If you want to maintain a high level of home comfort, then you have to be both logical and creative. Look for what might be causing energy issues around your house. This way, you can find the best solution. You can also use new technologies and tools to lessen your energy costs.

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Top Energy-Saving Tips For Spring And Summer

Below, we have listed several strategies that will save energy and money during the spring and summer.

Refill Your Oil Tank Right Away

oil delivery truckWhen the weather rises, oil prices drop. This is because the demand for heating oil during the summer is low. Order a heating oil delivery early so that you’ll save money. Not only that, but there is usually no long delivery queue during this time. This means that there is a good chance that you’ll receive your refill supply right away. Waiting until the last minute to purchase heating oil will only lead to you having to pay more and waiting longer for the delivery to arrive.

You might have used up all your heating oil supply during the winter. However, keep in mind that it is always a good idea to keep your oil tank moderately full. This is because you can use it for heating water. After all, you wouldn’t want to run out of oil and, in turn, domestic hot water. It is always best to play it safe and smart when it comes to your home comfort. Therefore, order your heating oil refill today.

Conduct Home Weatherproofing

image of a man sealing his windows

Small holes and cracks along the walls cause the conditioned air to leak through. To make up for the lost air, your AC works harder and uses more energy. Be sure to weatherproof your house before the summer rolls in.  Carefully look around your house and find these holes. Pay close attention to the edges of your windows and doors as there might be gaps as well. Utilize caulking, weather strips, and sealants around the edges of your doors and windows.

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You should also check the insulation of your attic as it is the place that receives most of the sun’s heat. Add insulating materials to improve how it repels heat. This way, your air conditioning system does not work too hard to keep your home cool and comfortable.

Buy A Replacement For Your Old A/C

image of an air conditionerScrutinize your air conditioner. Make sure that all of its components are in good working condition. For instance, you might have a blocked air filter. Clean or change them immediately. Check for any water leaks and resolve drain issues as well. You can also opt to upgrade your thermostat into a programmable one. This can automate temperature control and, in turn, give you significant savings.

However, if you have an old AC that does not work as well as it used to, then consider retiring your old A/C and buying a new one. Newer AC makes and models are equipped with advanced technologies that make them more energy-efficient. If you do not have an old piece of cooling equipment, then book an HVAC system maintenance checkup so that it functions at peak efficiency at all times.

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Switch On Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can move large volumes of air so that a room feels more comfortable. This is due to evaporative cooling. If the day isn’t too hot, then you can use ceiling fans instead of your AC. You can also crack open a few windows for added ventilation. Doing these will help you be more cost-effective.

You can also choose to open your fan while your air conditioner is switched on. The fan’s cooling effect means your AC can be set in milder temperatures. Be sure to turn off the fan when you leave the room. Fans are for cooling people and not the rooms.

Purchase Energy Star Appliances

image of a house with energy efficiency ratingsYour air conditioner isn’t the only appliance you have in your house. It might be using a significant amount of energy to operate, but other appliances do so as well. Therefore, whenever you are shopping for a new appliance, it is best to get ones that have the Energy Star label. This is because these products passed rigorous tests to ensure they are highly energy efficient. Although non-rated appliances are less expensive, an Energy Star-rated appliance will be more beneficial in the long run. You not only reduce your monthly utility bills this way. You also reduce the impact you put on the environment.

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Use Your Microwave Oven Or Grill Instead

Your cooking equipment contributes to your monthly energy consumption. It releases some heat as well. How much is dependent on the age and type of the cooking equipment you have. Therefore, if you only need to boil water or reheat leftover food, then you can opt to use your microwave oven instead. It can do the job without producing a lot of heat. A grill is another option you can use. This way, you won’t heat the inside of your home at all.

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