Best Ways To Cool Your House Without Overpaying For Your AC Costs

energy costsDuring the hot days of summer, most of us would fight off the heat by cranking up the thermostat on the home air conditioner. Unfortunately, with comfort comes a price – high energy bills due to the increase in energy demand.

On top of that, setting the thermostat on high will force the AC to work harder, increasing the risk of premature wear-and-tear, frequent malfunctions, and frequent repairs. It is far better to take proactive steps that will promote comfort without putting too much burden on the air conditioner and increasing energy consumption.

Air Conditioning Savings Tips: How To Stay Cool Without Overpaying For Your AC Costs

You can use some methods to help cool down your home during the hot months without spending too much. Let’s take a look at the ways you can stay cool and comfortable without breaking the bank on air conditioning cost.

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1. Get An Upgrade On Your House Lights

If you are still using incandescent bulbs, it is time to make a switch to LED bulbs. Incandescent bulbs are inefficient. A good amount of the energy these bulbs consume are converted into heat energy. This explains why homes that use incandescent bulbs are warmer. LED bulbs, on the other hand, consume less power and they generate less heat. By switching from incandescent to LED bulbs, you can create a cooler and more energy-efficient home.

2. Switch To A Programmable Thermostat

thermostatOutdoor and indoor temperatures fluctuate at different times of the day, which means that your home cooling requirements also change. Ideally, you should change your thermostat setting whenever necessary. To make it easier, why not invest in a programmable thermostat that will increase or lower the temperature setting automatically. For example, you could set the thermostat to a higher temperature during the cool hours or when you are away from home. Likewise, you can program it to a lower temperature during the hot hours of the day, when you are home.

3. Prevent The Leakage Of Air

Areas that are cooled by air conditioners are closed for a reason. Doing so is necessary to keep the cool indoor air inside. If there is a leak from a hole, gap, or crack, the cool air can escape and hot air can enter the home. To prevent the unnecessary exchange of air, keep the door closed. Check the windows, walls, and corners as well.

4. Keep Indoor Humidity Low

When humidity levels are high, you feel warmer indoors, even if the AC is turned on. To keep the air cool, use a dehumidifier. This will help reduce the amount of moisture in the air and make the rooms feel more comfortable. It is also a good idea to schedule showers, dishwashing, and laundry work during the cooler hours when the temperatures make doing chores easier.

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5. Control The Amount Of Sunlight That Enters The Home

The parts of the house that experiences the highest temperatures are those that are in the south/west areas. These areas are also the brightest, receiving more sunlight than other rooms. To keep your home temperature cool, hang thick blinds or curtains in the south/west-facing windows and make sure to keep them closed during the day.

6. Use Other Cooling Solutions

electric fanEven if your AC works well, it may not be enough to keep your home cool. Try using fans in different areas of the house. You could, for example, install an exhaust fan in heat-prone areas such as the kitchen and the bathroom to pull the hot air out and keep humidity levels low. A portable desk fan is also a helpful cooling appliance you can put in different areas of the home to keep the air cool.

7. Cuddle Up With Cotton Sheets

During the hot summer months, use thin cotton bed sheets instead of the thick wool or flannel sheets you have during winter. Cotton is lighter and thinner, and will allow sweat to evaporate more quickly. Try other types of fabrics as well, particularly those that have excellent breathability.

8. Utilize Your Ceiling Fan

If you change the direction in which your ceiling fans turn, you could actually manipulate how hot air moves inside your home. By switching on the fan so that the blades turn counterclockwise, you can enjoy cool air. The counterclockwise movement pushes cool air down. That air direction helps in evaporative cooling. Since the room feels more comfortable, you can set the thermostat higher and save on energy.

9. Schedule Regular Air Conditioner Tune-Ups

image of an air conditioner tune-up in nazareth paA regular AC tune-up will keep your air conditioner in good shape. Call your HVAC contractor to perform a simple diagnostics and fix problems. The earlier these issues are detected, the better the AC unit will perform. Keep in mind that a properly working AC is an efficient AC.
To prolong the lifespan of your AC, schedule annual maintenance work with your HVAC contractor. Not only will you enjoy comfort over the long term, but you will also spend less on your energy bills.

10. Cook Outdoors

Is the sun out? Maybe it’s time to use that grill and prepare your meal outdoors. Cooking inside your home keeps the kitchen warm. Eventually, the warm air will travel to other areas of the home, requiring you to use your AC more. If the weather permits, go ahead and get the grill out, and enjoy fresh air as well.

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