The Benefits Of Using A Discount Oil Provider

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Cash on Delivery (COD) is a service available from discount oil providers for customers who want to purchase home heating oil. Orders can be made either over the telephone or online. Once ordered, the discount oil company will deliver the oil to the customer who can then pay in cash if they have not previously paid online. One of the reasons that this type of service is becoming more popular is that there is no contract involved. Each transaction is a one-off, making it convenient for both the suppliers and the customers.

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Benefits Of Ordering From A Discount Oil Company

We discuss the many benefits that are available to customers when buying from discount oil providers below:

No Commitment To A Single Supplier

One of the biggest benefits for customers is that they are not restricted to one oil supplier. If for any reason, a customer wishes to change supplier, they can do so at any time, from one delivery to the next. There are a few reasons why this may happen. Another supplier may offer more competitive prices than the customer’s previous order, for example.
With no contract in place, there is no agreement in place that could limit the number of orders or deliveries that can be made. Customers may fill their tank as often as needed. Also, if you are unhappy with your current oil supplier, you can switch to a more reputable discount oil delivery company in your area.

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Changing Prices Of Heating Oil

The oil price that the customer pays for a cash on delivery service is changeable. The cost will change with the market price for the oil, which can change on a day to day basis, making heating costs more competitive than when the customer is under contract. Buyers can take advantage of the ever-changing prices to choose the most affordable option at the time of purchase. What makes COD even more appealing for customers is that they have the option to order larger quantities when prices drop. This is a great option to save more money in the long run.

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Choose How Much Oil You Want To Order

Another great benefit for heating oil consumers is that they can order a partial tank fill instead of fully filling their tank. As it is not always possible for homeowners to fill their tank due to other financial commitments, this can be very useful for anyone on a budget.

Flexible Oil Delivery Times

Because discount oil providers are on call, customers can arrange their delivery for a time that suits them. This can be very convenient for people who work or who are not at home for much of the day. Furthermore, discount oil suppliers offer the option to order online 24/7, making even more convenient for those who have busy lives.

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Remotely Monitoring Fuel Levels

It is always a concern for homeowners that their fuel may run out when most needed. Most people do not remember to check their tanks until their heating has gone off, at which point their oil may already have run out. Thankfully there are now options that can help such as smart tank meters that monitor the fuel levels of your tank. These helpful gadgets are easy to install, place a wifi hot spot close to the tank, and the smart tank gauge will notify you when levels are low. Also, you can set a reminder on your smartphone to check your oil tank to prevent from running out of oil.

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Competitive Heating Oil Prices

While the price per gallon for discount oil is usually lower than that of the average rate, there can be much competition between suppliers. COD suppliers avail of the lowest prices by buying in bulk when the market is lower, allowing them to offer the best prices to their customers. So even if the market is fluctuating, COD suppliers can still offer competitive heating oil prices to their customers.


Low Oil Heating System Maintenance Fees

COD suppliers deliver oil. They do not usually include HVAC service fees which are often the case with contract suppliers. While it is necessary to make sure that your heating system is maintained properly to keep it in good working order, the cost when included with your oil delivery when under contract can be substantial. Discount oil does not offer these additional charges so it is important to note that if you choose discount oil, you will need to schedule your heating system checkup separately.

One benefit of separating your fuel costs from your heating system maintenance is that it allows you to shop around for the best prices. You are not tied to one company for either service. This allows customers more flexibility and better budgeting options as HVAC services are not typically needed as often as oil deliveries.

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Oil Quality

Some homeowners may be concerned that discount oil means a compromise on quality, but this is not the case. There are stringent industry standards in place for all oil suppliers to ensure quality and safety. This not only includes the quality of the oil but the delivery trunks in use, the companies insurance policies and the driving licenses of the employees.

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