Why You Should Schedule An Oil Furnace Tune-Up Every Year

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Many houses in the United States utilize oil furnaces as their main heat source. It provides natural warmth that is circulated evenly throughout the rooms in the home. Annual oil furnace maintenance is essential to ensure that your heating system is in excellent working condition. This way, you don’t have to worry about not having heat in the middle of the cold winter season.

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Why You Should Schedule An Oil Furnace Tune-Up Every Year

Read on and find out the many reasons it is essential to have your system inspected and maintained by a professional at least once a year.

Ensure High Oil Quality Level

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Yearly furnace checkups will ensure that your oil supply quality is topnotch. This way, your heating system combusts fuel properly, and it can operate at full capacity. The oil will have a clean burn, and your system won’t release any harmful fumes. Regular maintenance includes a professional checking the consistency and color of your fuel supply to ensure that they are of the right quality. They can also let you know if you have a low fuel supply on your tank and if you need to schedule more frequent refills in the future.

Prevent Problems From Having Contaminated Oil

A furnace inspection includes checking any issues with your oil supply. There might be some rust, trace elements, or other residues that decrease the quality of the oil and harm your system. Contaminated oil can lead to issues such as corrosion, roving dirt, or moisture in your tank’s interior. You might have moved houses recently and the tank was left unused by a previous owner. Hence, the tank might have leftover dirty oil. The furnace inspector should do a test to check if the oil is contaminated. This way, you can decide whether or not you need to replace the oil supply.

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Prevent Humidity Build-up

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The cold environment encourages any lingering moisture to make its way to your system. Moisture can cause structural and heating system damages. Any moisture in the interior furnace walls can cause rust and corrosion. Your tank is also more vulnerable when there is a low oil supply as there is more space for the moisture to occupy. This can lead to the corrosion of your tank’s interior metal linings. A heating professional can assist you with all your furnace moisture problems. They can also help you bring the moisture levels down in and around your heating system.

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Furnace Maintenance Reminders

When you receive annual furnace maintenance, it becomes an automatic thing that occurs in a particular month every time. If you do not do it once a year, it is easy to lapse on your tune-up intervals. You might even forget when you got your furnace last checked, especially if you do not use your system often. You might only remember to have it inspected when an issue arises. Getting a professional to check your furnace once a year will ensure that all problems are resolved immediately, even if you do not use your furnace every day.

Maintain Correct Air Flow

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A furnace needs to distribute warm air correctly so that your home remains warm and comfy throughout the winter. A well-maintained furnace will ensure that air flows properly when you need it the most. Furnace maintenance includes inspecting all pipes, vents, registers, and other passageways to ensure that they are not clogged. Any blockages, such as dirt and dust, will be cleaned and removed right away.

Avoid Furnace Straining

Blockages can cause your system to strain. Any gunk, oil residues, or dirt obstructing the passages will restrict the airflow trying to move to the ducts in your home. The air will build up in your system and can cause damage. Your furnace will work harder than it should and might eventually breakdown. Annual maintenance will help prevent your system from experiencing this pressure and problem.

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Safety Assurance

Correct fuel combustion is needed for your furnace to work properly. If your system cannot do this, gases could build up in the tank. These could generate dangerous toxins in and around your tank. Annual furnace maintenance is needed so that all components can work as they should.

Prevent Costly HVAC Repairs

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Furnace maintenance is a preventative step that stops problems from turning into large ones that could cause more heating system damage. For example, a blocked passage that is cleaned right away will avoid damaging your furnace’s motor. It could also lead to system strain just to circulate warm air to different rooms in your home. The pressure will eventually build up, and it will cause your furnace to break down. As a result, you will need to spend more to get your system up and running again. Make sure that your furnace receives its yearly maintenance check to prevent these types of problems.

Prevent Leakages

If your furnace does not get checked regularly, it can have leakages that could lead to dangerous consequences. Yearly maintenance can detect corrosions as they begin. Therefore, they do not spread in your tank and to other parts of your system. Otherwise, it can lead to rust spreading to different components and damaged connectors. These issues are typically not easily seen, so it is recommended to have a licensed technician to help you. They can locate all leaks and problems so that they are fixed immediately. All issues are resolved this way before you need costly replacement parts or your heating unit succumbs to complete system failure.


Less Wait Time

The best time to schedule your yearly furnace maintenance is during the late summer. This is because the furnace is far from most homeowners’ minds during the hot months. Therefore, furnace professionals typically have more flexible schedules. Waiting until the temperature turns frigid before booking a maintenance appointment could put you on a long waiting list. You would need to wait longer and might not even get the schedule you want when this happens.

Prevent Furnace Failures

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Homeowners typically do not turn their heaters on during the hot months. Six or seven months can pass before you turn on your furnace again. Your system ends up hibernating during that time. Therefore, it is important to have your system checked before you begin using it again. If not, it could fail in the middle of the coldest night of the winter season. Annual maintenance prevents your furnace from breaking down when you need it the most. Make sure to do this before the temperature drops, so you do not have to wait long to have your system checked.

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Improve Heating Efficiency

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A well-maintained furnace will emit heat evenly and will hardly have any wear and tear. Leaving it unchecked will lead to system deterioration. The furnace will work harder to operate as it should. Its energy efficiency also drastically decreases. Not only will you need to crank up the heat to keep your home warm, but your utility bills will drastically increase as well. Yearly inspections and maintenance will save you money down the line.

Uphold Manufacturer Warranty

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Yearly maintenance is necessary to ensure that your furnace warranty remains valid. Most manufacturers stipulate that the system needs to be regularly maintained by a professional. Otherwise, the warranty will be void. Annual furnace maintenance can even help detect problems that can lead to a unit exchange. This way, you can save money, especially if you can swap your faulty furnace with a better one.

Clean Furnace Filters

The furnace filters need to be checked periodically. They need to be clean at all times so that air can flow correctly. A service technician’s maintenance checklist includes filter inspections. They will clean or replace it when needed. Also, keep in mind that filters are one of the easiest components that you can check and clean yourself. Therefore, make sure that you inspect it every few months and clean or replace it as necessary.


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