Learn About The Dangers Of Using Natural Gas Heating Systems

natural gas heatingMany homes now have access to natural gas, giving them the option to convert from heating oil to natural gas. With this new option for home heating, it is important to know a little more about natural gas before making a final decision. Although natural gas offers many positive aspects when it comes to home heating, it also has many cons. Before you go too far with the idea of installing a natural gas furnace, you need to know the safety issues that come with using natural gas for heat.

Learn About The Dangers Of Using Natural Gas Heating Systems

In this article, we discuss some aspects that you should know about natural gas heating.

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Deadly Carbon Monoxide Gas Can Be Released

Carbon monoxide is deadly and it is impossible to detect without an alarm. Carbon monoxide is a gas with no taste, smell, or color. People can be breathing in this deadly substance due to a malfunctioning gas furnace, yet they will be completely unaware of it. Exposure to carbon monoxide can cause disorientation, confusion, and even flu-like symptoms. People who realize these warning signs of carbon monoxide poisoning can take steps to save themselves. Those who are not aware of the danger may do nothing and end up losing their lives as a result.

Gas Leaks Lead To Poor Air Quality

indoor air qualityA natural gas leak can happen in a home heated with this fuel at any time without warning. Leaks can occur in furnaces, fireplaces, kitchens, or any appliance that uses this fuel. A gas leak is dangerous to anyone who is in the home at the time. The danger may not be evident since the gas itself has no odor, but it can cause real effects. Once a critical stage has been reached, the quality of indoor air will suffer, and vulnerable residents of the home are in danger.

Chemicals are added to the fuel to give it the odor of rotten eggs to help people detect natural gas leaks. This may alert some residents of the problem, but not all people will be aware of it. Some will ignore it. A small leak may be present for a time while the residents have no idea there is a problem. Occupants of the home may experience headaches, nausea, or they may complain of being dizzy. They may think these symptoms are the result of some medical problem.

Gas Leaks Lead To Fire Danger

Natural gas is very flammable. This means that a leak of natural gas can create a dangerous fire. With one single spark, a home with a natural gas leak can be destroyed by flames. Construction crews who are working on excavations have to be cautious. A catastrophic fire that causes property damage and even death can be the result of construction crews rupturing a gas line.

A leak of natural gas can destroy houses and even communities in a brief instant. A natural gas explosion can be ignited by flicking a light switch or making a phone call. Many gas leaks are too small to be detected easily. They may be so minor that residents in a home no longer pay attention to the problem. Home cleaning chemicals used in the household can also trigger flames because of their fumes.

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Electrical Problems Pose A Danger

natural gas explosionIn most cases, a natural gas furnace requires electricity to run. Some components of the heating system need electrical power to heat the home, including circuit boards, switches, relays, and motors. These need to be inspected and maintained periodically so that they are operating properly.

If there is a leak of natural gas, one spark from malfunctioning electrical components can result in an explosion. Even wires that are fraying can cause an explosion. Such tragedies can be prevented through regular inspections.

Make Your Decision Carefully

There are several choices available when deciding how to heat your home. There are some positive benefits to using natural gas to heat a house, but there are also problems with the health and safety record. Other choices, such as heating oil, may be better for keeping your family safe.

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