What To Look For In A New Oil Boiler For Your Home

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Boilers are built to last, but they will come to an end eventually. Your old boiler might have functioned well for many years, but it can’t go on forever. You will feel its performance, reliability, and efficiency plummet at some point. Repairs might not be the most economical option. As a result, it is time for an oil boiler installation. This is an excellent opportunity to find a boiler that offers better features. It is also a chance to get a system that best fits your current needs. This article discusses all you need to know on what to look for in a new boiler.

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Factors To Consider When Buying An Oil Boiler

Replacing your oil boiler is a complex procedure. Ideally, you should give yourself sufficient time to check all your options. Determine the exact needs of your home. Consult an HVAC specialist for advice and more information if you are unsure of the details. Inquire about everything you need to know to get clear answers. HVAC professionals will help you make sensible decisions throughout the process. Here are several crucial factors to consider when choosing a new oil boiler:

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Oil Boiler Type

Homeowners can select between hot water boilers or steam boilers. They operate similarly but have several key differences. Steam boilers require fewer accessories and have higher heating temperatures. The steam boiler’s power makes them more suitable for industrial use and large homes. On the other hand, hot water boilers offer better efficiency and a safer design. They should also be enough for small to average structures. Both systems can use heating oil or natural gas as fuel. Many households in Pennsylvania prefer to use heating oil due to its low cost and excellent availability.


Heating Oil Boiler Size

People often assume that having bigger boilers is always better. However, it isn’t true. All homes have an optimal boiler size. A heating system that is too big will short-cycle. When your house reaches the set temperature too fast, it causes the boiler to switch on and off. This issue can hasten the system’s wear and tear, resulting in premature breakdowns. Most homeowners typically get the same size as the original boiler. However, it is recommended that you let an expert conduct the proper calculations to find the right boiler size.

Oil Boiler Efficiency

Homeowners shouldn’t focus on the cost of buying a boiler. Heating systems use the most amount of power in all households. Therefore, they should do what they can to reduce their operational cost. A high-efficiency boiler can help keep your fuel costs as low as possible. This unit might initially need more cash outlay, but it will save money down the line. The annual fuel utilization efficiency or AFUE measures how much fuel the unit can convert to energy over a heating season. Higher ratings offer better results. You will see the Energy Star label on boilers with the highest efficiency.

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Oil-Fired Boiler Maintenance

Heating systems require consistent care to operate well and have a longer service life. Different boilers need slightly different maintenance services. Learn the various units’ requirements before selecting one. Ensure that you can handle the demands of owning a boiler. Remember that homeowners cannot conduct all maintenance work. Some need the experience and expertise of trained HVAC technicians. Schedule professional maintenance once a year to prolong your system’s service life.


Boiler Venting Requirements

Boilers require ventilation to eliminate exhaust gasses from fuel combustion. Determine which method best fits your home’s design. Boilers that use chimneys have a vertical stack to remove gasses passively. Low-density fumes naturally float up until they reach the opening. On the other hand, power-vented boilers utilize fans to push the gasses out. The blower helps make it possible to vent via a sidewall for homes without chimneys. However, this needs a big open area with lots of air. Finally, a boiler that’s directly vented can be installed in confined rooms as they don’t rely on indoor air.

Regional Climate

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The regional climate largely dictates how much stress is on your heating system. Some places only get cold enough that the boiler is only used during winter. At the same time, other areas require using the boiler throughout the year. Homeowners should choose a boiler that can handle the load.

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Oil Boiler Brand Name

All manufacturers try to innovate in their own ways. Some have proven to be better when it comes to creating boilers. For instance, some brands are known for their efficiency and durability. They might also be more responsive regarding repairs under warranty. Homeowners can research the top brands on the market. Ask trusted friends about recommendations based on their personal experience. HVAC technicians can offer helpful advice using their many years of working in the industry.


The right boiler system for your home depends on your unique comfort needs. Make your search easier with the help of your local, trusted HVAC contractor. If your existing heating system uses heating oil, find another oil boiler to lessen the replacement cost. Look for a compatible system when it comes to system capacity, efficiency rating, brand name, and venting requirements.

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