Save Money And Effort By Reducing Your Home Heating Oil Use In Lehighton

heating oil at lehighton pa homeThe majority of intelligent heating oil consumers in Lehighton PA and surrounding areas do their best to look for different ways to extend their supply of fuel oil and save money.

When you undergo measures to conserve heat, you will make it possible to cut down on costs and energy consumption while staying comfortable. Also, this will help to reduce your heating system’s workload. Consequently, you will need fewer heating oil refills.

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Read on for some beneficial tips for conserving fuel in the winter:

1. Layer Up

It goes without saying that dressing warmer will help you cut back on energy consumption. You can avoid piling on thick layers by wearing a variety of thin layers. This way, you can remove and add layers with greater ease and have better insulation. You will not have to crank up your thermostat or adjust your heat settings so often.

One of the most critical areas to consider is your feet because you will retain heat and make your whole body more comfortable if you keep your feet warm. For this reason, you should pick up some slippers or warm socks that you can wear on a regular basis at home. They are cozy; they will also provide you the means to save a great deal of money on your energy bill.

2. Select Hot Foods

It is ideal to cook more frequently in the colder months. Heat from your stove and oven will go a long way to warming up your house. It also will help you stay warm if you eat hot foods. Avoid ice cream and various frozen treats until the warmer months and pick up some hot cocoa for your sweet tooth. Warms soups are an excellent alternative to cold sandwiches. You will not want to reach for the heat controls and can avoid burning up more oil than you might need.

3. Drown The Cold

You likely have heard how important it is to drown a cold by drinking a significant amount of fluids. Drinking a lot of fluids works when it comes to fighting off the cold weather. If you stay well-hydrated, it will help you tolerate the freezing temperatures much better. It is even better if you drink hot beverages such as coffee and tea in order to get your full water intake.

4. Avoid Alcohol

Most people tend to think that drinking alcohol will make you warm up. This claim is not valid. It causes your core body temperature to drop and makes you feel as though you are warmer than your real body temperature. Even if you choose to have a hot beverage, you should not spike it at all.

5. Keep Your Baking Heat

When you cook in the winter, keep in mind that you can use the residual heat that is created by the oven. After you bake your cookies or casserole, leave the oven door open a bit to allow it to warm your home. Be mindful of safety concerns, especially if you have pets or small children around.

6. Change Out Your Bedding Options

Which sheets and blankets do you use in the wintertime? If your bed is nice and toasty when you get in, you will be able to turn down the heat for the night. Cooler temperatures make for better sleeping, and when you set up your bed this way, you will save on your energy bill. Flannel sheets are lovely for this purpose, and you likely would do well with a couple of extra blankets.

7. Get Warm Before You Lie Down

You will make the colder temps at night more comfortable by warming your bed before getting into it. Warming stones are a good option, as well as a hot water bottle. No matter what it is you try, keep in mind that you want to make the bed a warm and cozy place in which you can snuggle up at night.

8. Cap Heat Loss

Wearing a hat increases your level of warmth. When the days are more frigid, it helps when you wear a close-fitting cap to prevent heat loss for your entire body. Put it together with layers of clothing so you can reduce the needs for turning your thermostat higher.

Also, if you have small blankets, you should have them placed around your house in convenient locations. It is a good habit to pick up one of these when you will be sitting around for a while. A soft blanket will keep you comfy for hours.

9. Humidity Is Key

Dry air is colder than moist air. It is ideal to have a humidifier in the rooms where you will be spending a great deal of your time. Set your humidifier to 40 percent humidity. This way, the surrounding air will be warm but there should not be any mold growth.

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10. Shower Your House With Warmth

You most likely run your bathroom fan during a shower, as well as after you get done. During the winter, you should avoid turning the fan on, and open your bathroom door after you emerge from the shower. The humidity that has built up in the bathroom then will spread to the rest of your house. This will make it possible to warm your whole house. Since you already are paying for water, why not use this as an additional heat source?

11. Reverse Air Flow

Do you have ceiling fans? It is important that you switch them to the winter setting. Many of them will have a switch that will allow you to reverse the blade direction. Instead of it creating a cooling breeze, it should push warm air to the ground. Your rooms will stay warmer without having to burn an excess of oil.

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12. Cover Up Bare Floors

Tile flooring and hardwood are cooler than carpets. Area rugs added onto hard surfaces are a sure way to provide extra warmth in the winter. Also, you can reduce the stress on your feet by using small mats in your kitchen and large area rugs in your living room. You surely will see a big difference once you take this step.

13. Remove Drafts

Do you notice cold drafts in the house? Weather stripping solutions, including ones that are homemade, are great for stopping this issue. Rolled towels by your window frames and draft stoppers on your door thresholds that are stuffed with an insulator like pillow filling or rice. Considerable making it customized to your liking for a stylish touch.

14. Put Out That Fire

If you have a fireplace, you know how great it is as a source of warmth in the colder months. However, it also can mean heat loss. This is something that you will need to use wisely. Make certain you close the flue if it is not in use, as this can be a large source of both heat loss and chilly air coming in. When it is especially cold, there may be more heat loss than what the fire is generating within your home. It is often your best bet to use a fireplace when it is cool, yet not frigid.

15. Clear the Way

Take a close look at the way you have placed your decor and furniture. Nothing should be blocking your heat vents. Though you may not think it makes a difference if your couch is in front of one vent, it really does impact how much heat flows through your home. Rearrange what you see to be an issue to make better use of the heating oil.

16. Warmers Help

Your hands and feet will be more comfortable if you use warmers for these areas of your body. It will increase your overall comfort and reduce your energy bill in general. Fill a fabric square with dried beans, then place it in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Opt for a full lap pad if want even more warmth.

17. Arrange To Get Optimal Warmth

Where are your sofa and bed located? If either or both are near the exterior walls or windows, it is a good idea to rearrange their placement. When you move your bed a few inches or more from the wall, you will notice a big difference.

18. Program It

Do you own a thermostat that you can program? With a thermostat, you have a serious advantage with regulating your home’s temperature. You can have it automatically reduce the temperature within your house while you are asleep or not around. Program in your ideal temperature for it to maintain when you are at home. The programmable system will help you lower how much energy you use on a daily basis.

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19. Use Plastic

A great way in which to insulate your windows is to put up some plastic. By placing a clear plastic film over your window frame, you can insulate your house against cold air, while keeping the heated air indoors. Run a blow dryer to heat this plastic film so it stays tight to the frame.

20. Visit Your Second Floor

The majority of people stay on the first floor of their houses throughout the day. During the winter, you should spend more of your time upstairs. Since heat rises, it will be a bit warmer. If you were to spend most of the day on the second floor, you could keep your house cooler.

21. Remain Active

It is crucial to move around if you are trying to stay warm. Stay active in the wintertime, and you will notice a big difference. It may be tempting to cuddle under a blanket and avoid winter, but you will feel much better if you get up and move around. Exercise a bit, clean your home, and/or work on a house project. Find an enjoyable or useful activity that will keep your blood pumping and reduce your heating bills.

22. Have More Snacks

People tend to cut back on the snacks and heavy food after the holiday season in an effort to lose some weight. However, by eating more, you can ensure that your body will stay warmer. When it is freezing outside, your body needs more fuel to maintain its temperature. Eat a diet of as many high-fat foods as you can. There are many options that are healthy fats that will provide you with slow-burning fuels.

23. The Sun Works Wonders

If you are planning on staying inside all day, you should locate a spot that is sun-lit to relax. Take advantage of the natural light and heat by staying in a room that gets plenty of sunlight. You can rearrange your furniture to give you access to the most sunlight.

Do you get sunlight in most or all of your rooms? You can make good use of your curtains to capture more heat to keep in your house. Open up the treatments during the daytime to let in the sun. It is an excellent free source of energy. At night, close up the curtains so that the cold air does not come in and the warm air stays. Drapes that have an insulated backing and are light-blocking are ideal for this purpose.

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