Best Ways To Prepare Your Home For Summer

fuel oil delivery service at lehighton pa homeEveryone looks forward to summer. It is the time when we can all relax and enjoy the weather. At least that is the dream that everyone has.

However, it is seldom easy to unite the dream of a splendid lazy summer with the realities of the need to get things done before the weather turns bad once again. Still, it can be done.

In this article, you will find a few tips to get you started. For example, Lehighton PA homeowners should always schedule an air conditioning tune-up before the summer arrives. Likewise, they should top off their heating oil tank by arranging for a heating oil delivery. Below, you will find some essential tips that you should take care of before the summer arrives.

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Don’t Procrastinate

First off, the time to procrastinate about those warm weather chores is after they are already done. While the weather is still a little bit iffy, get busy and tackle your annual list of things. Knock them out now, and then you’ll be ready for some full recreation once summer officially strikes.

Watering Systems

sprinkler systemBegin by waking up your watering systems. Get those sprinklers turned on and fix any broken heads or leaks. Roll out those hoses and pressurize them.

The time to replace split or cracked hoses is before you need to keep your lawn from dying in the summer heat. Make sure that your garden hose nozzles and your hose bib connections don’t leak water. Making sure that all of your hose connections work ensures that you don’t waste any water.

Get some fertilizer down before the spring rains come, so it can soak in and start feeding your greenery.

Prevent Pests

Next, examine your home’s defensive systems that guard against all of the usual summer annoyances. Make sure your screens are solid. Seal off these and any other avenues that allow the bugs to move inside with you.

Schedule An AC Tune-Up

air conditioner tune-upGet your air conditioner serviced early. Prices go up when you need a technician in July. Plus, mid-summer is the busiest time of year for HVAC technicians.

Going without AC in the middle of summer is never any fun. By scheduling a tune-up now, you can prevent unwanted breakdowns, ensure that your system performs at peak efficiency, and create a high level of comfort for your home.

Household Repairs

Perform any needed routine maintenance and do any household repairs or upkeep that may have been deferred during the colder months.

Nobody likes to scrape and caulk and paint, but it beats the alternative of spending all of your summer fun money on a contractor to come out and replace all the rotten trim and siding on your house.

Refill Your Fuel Oil Tank

heating oil supplierWhile you are at it, give some thought to topping off your home’s oil tank. This might seem like an odd time to worry about the level of fuel oil in your tank, but home heating oil is much less expensive in off-peak seasons, particularly right after winter. Also, with the rising temperatures, you can prevent condensation and rust from forming in your tank by having a full tank of oil.

Knowing that your heating needs are already met for the year means that you have a lot more disposable income to spend on fun things during the summer.

Since you are going to save a lot of money with a spring fill-up, that translates into money that you won’t have to spend at the end of the season and at a time when heating oil prices always go up.

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Stock Up On The Essentials

Make sure you have a new hammock, plenty of ice, and don’t forget to stock up on those little umbrellas that stick out the side your glass. By getting the little things that make you enjoy the summer now, you can ensure that you have them when you need them. Start planning for any vacations or fun summer activities now. It’s going to be a great summer.

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