How To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Fuel Oil System

family enjoying new heating oil furnace in lehighton paOil furnaces are a popular choice when it comes to heating homes over the fall and winter, especially in colder climates. These furnaces are hardworking and typically have long lifespans, making them a wise investment. Plus, it doesn’t take much effort to keep an oil furnace running in the best shape for as long as possible. In fact, maintaining your oil furnace is pretty easy. In this article, we will discuss some of the ways that you can extend the lifespan of your heating oil system in your Lehighton PA home.

Fuel It

For the best health of your machine…

choose the best possible heating oil to run it with. While low-grade fuels may be tempting to use because they’re cheaper, using them can cause impurities that will ultimately disrupt your machine. In the end, you’ll waste more than you save either in costs to repair the machine or to replace it. However, there are many reputable fuel oil discount companies that offer affordable heating oil at better prices. This oil is not purchased from the bottom of the barge and, therefore, does not contain impurities like the oil discussed above.

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Maintain It

furnace maintenanceThe best way to keep on top of the health of your furnace is to have it regularly maintained by a professional. The same way you would see a doctor for regular checkups, your oil furnace should have yearly checkups. It’s best to have a full service done on your furnace every fall before the strain of winter comes around. Potential disastrous problems with the machine are detected early enough to prevent them. This means that worn out parts are easily and quickly replaced. Doing so means that you will have a clean, well-running machine ready to go before the cold comes creeping in.


Replace The Filter

Just like with air conditioners, the filter on your furnace needs a replacement regularly in order to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

A clogged, dirty filter causes toxic air.

It will also cause the machine to work harder in order to produce the same heat, wasting energy and money in the process. To prevent this from happening, check the filter every month and replace it as necessary.


Keeping It Clean

Over time, your oil furnace may become clogged with dirt and debris. Air is drawn into the air ducts before it’s pushed through the filter. Over the span of a few years, dirt and dust can end up coating the walls of the ducts. This dirt and dust create a more confined space for the air to pass through, forcing the motor to spin harder. This can cause a strain on your machine, shortening its lifespan. Make sure to keep your furnace in top shape by cleaning the air ducts at least every two years.

Seal It Off

sealing air leaksAir leaks are a big problem when it comes to furnaces. Air can sometimes leak from the furnace line, which makes it harder for the system to produce heat. No matter where the leak occurs, the system will not receive enough air to create heat. The furnace then has to work harder and harder in order to do its job. An unregulated air leak can seriously reduce the lifespan of an oil furnace. Be safe and have your furnace checked for leaks every year. Doing so could expand the life of your oil furnace by several years.

Also, if you want to extend the lifespan of your furnace, be sure to seal off the air leaks in your home. Drafts cause your furnace to work harder in order to maintain the indoor temperature that you set your thermostat at. So, by sealing off air leaks, your furnace will not have the unnecessary stress, it won’t have to work as hard which makes it last longer.

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