Comparison Of Heating Oil Vs. Natural Gas

home heating costsAs you compare various heating systems, make sure you think about the type of fuel used. The fuel makes a major difference in regards to your comfort and safety, as well as how much money you’ll pay for heating your home. With this in mind, you’ll want to know more about the cost of heating oil in comparison to the price of natural gas.

Service Plans And Their Pricing

Natural gas typically comes from one main utility, unlike heating oil. As such, there are fewer options when it comes to gas supply and management. This is especially true in comparison to heating oil. Since there are only a few gas suppliers, you only have a small number of options in regards to service plans and their prices.

When you use heating oil…

you don’t have to deal with these problems. This is because there are many heating oil suppliers. The trick is to find a reputable one. By finding a trusted heating oil delivery company, you’re given a variety of financing options and delivery plans to meet your needs. You can compare home heating oil prices. This is true especially when you order discount fuel oil. This is the cheapest way to order fuel when trying to budget through the cold winter months.

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Impact On The Environment

Although you’re taught that natural gas causes less environmental damage in comparison to heating oil, this isn’t true. In fact, natural gas harms the environment more than heating oil. This is because natural gas is almost exclusively made of methane gas, which is known for causing global warming. The US Environmental Protection Agency actually says that methane gas’ impact on the environment is 25 times more than that of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas. Clearly, heating oil is your environmentally friendlier option.
Various studies show that 0.40% of America’s particulate emissions come from heating oil burners. Gas emissions and leaks pose a greater risk. For this reason, biodiesel fuels are growing increasingly popular. An example of this is soy bean oil. It converts into a clean fuel without any sulfur in it.


heating oil is energy efficientModern oil furnaces offer…

you the best value dollar for dollar today. Maintaining and repairing them is also easy. These furnaces are also robust, dependable, and last longer. They have many interchangeable parts too. However, what’s most important is that their annual fuel use efficiency (AFUE) is 95% or better. This means they’re very energy-efficient.

According to one recent study, when you have a well insulated home running a modern oil furnace, you’ll lower your heating bill by as much as 40%. Of course, you’ll need annual maintenance if you want your furnace to do this efficiently. All heating systems, regardless of whether or not they use natural gas or heating oil, require an annual heater inspection by a licensed HVAC professional in order to operate efficiently as possible

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Heating oil is nonexplosive whereas natural gas is.

In fact, fuel oil won’t burn until it vaporizes. This means that if a burning match is placed inside of your tank, it won’t readily ignite. However, we don’t recommend placing any foreign objects into your tank. Natural gas is very flammable. It explodes any time an ignition source is present. For these reasons, heating oil is a really safe energy source. This is especially true in comparison to natural gas, which is why you’ll want to inspect for possible gas leaks on a regular basis. You may also need to install gas detectors just to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe. Of course, this makes natural gas furnaces more expensive.


energy costs and home fuel oil in lehighton paIn some parts of the U.S., the price of heating oil is less than the price of natural gas. Energy Answers Today says this has held true for the past two decades. Of course, these commodities’ prices depend on the law of supply and demand. Today, you’ll find there are more oil supplies than natural gas deposits throughout the world. Another way of putting this is that natural gas’ prices will probably rise because it is scarce. When you compare the price of heating oil to the price of natural gas, you’ll find you pay less for oil heat prices than you do for natural gas.

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Home Heating Oil Lehighton PA

America relies on natural gas and home heating oil. The more attractive of these two options is home heating oil. This is because of its price, safety, environmental impact, service plans, and efficiency. When you’re looking for the best heating oil companies near me, take a moment to look at the local companies around you. Be sure to consider discount heating oil to find the best prices. Discount oil providers, such as R.F. Ohl Online, offer good prices and the ability to schedule a quick delivery.

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