Steps To Take When Looking For The Best Home Heating Oil Prices

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C.O.D. Or Automatic Delivery?

When it comes to choosing a heating oil company, you can either choose a full-service delivery or cash on delivery (C.O.D). Full-service companies typically sell their oil at a premium cost because they offer additional services with their prices including furnace inspection, repairs, and maintenance.

C.O.D companies, or discount oil companies, on the other hand, offer no additional services other than selling heating oil. They require their customers to pay for the fuel upon delivery. This means that, by having some rudimentary knowledge of your home heating system, including the size of your oil tank and the age and condition of your furnace, you can save money by ordering from a company that delivers discount fuel. This is a great way to avoid overpaying for your heating oil. With that in mind, here is how online heating oil ordering saves money.

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Flexible Pricing

The price of heating oil tends to vary from one C.O.D supplier to another. This variation can be as much as 10¢ per gallon or more. Fortunately, you can search online to compare prices.

This allows you to pick the best price…

from the best supplier. You can also use a different supplier every time you purchase heating oil to find the most affordable fuel oil prices per gallon. However, it is always best to buy your heating oil from a reputable supplier even if they do charge a little more. This way, you know that you are getting great service and high quality fuel oil.

Moreover, a C.O.D oil supplier does not require you to fill your tank when you order for fuel. You can purchase only the minimum amount of gallons of oil that they require for a delivery. With a full-service delivery, you will always need to use the same supplier irrespective of whether the supplier offers competitive prices or not. Additionally, to cut logistics and transportation costs, many full-service suppliers fill up your tank every time they deliver your fuel.

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No Automatic Deliveries

delivery of fuel oilFull-service oil companies typically use computer systems to determine when to fill up your tank. Unfortunately, these systems are designed to deliver as much heating oil as possible at a time in order to cut the associated transportation and logistics costs.

Because C.O.D oil companies do not use such systems, you can buy heating oil when you need it and when it fits into your schedule. This means you do not necessarily have to buy oil when fuel oil prices are high. You can buy oil when prices are low, reducing your home heating costs.

Enjoy Current Market Prices

C.O.D companies generally sell heating oil at the current market prices. However, many full-service providers offer fixed prices, which are typically higher than the market prices. Because you sign a contract with a full-service oil supplier, you may have to pay high prices for heating oil throughout the heating season.

In general, heating oil contracts, especially locked-in contracts or fixed prices, are likely to cost you more money.

As mentioned earlier, full service heating oil suppliers usually include other services. However, a homeowner who chooses to buy heating oil at the discount price will have to stay on top of how much full is in their tank. They should order their fuel when their tank is about 1/3 full. Also, they will have to stay on top of the maintenance of their heating system. They will need to schedule annual tune-ups and repairs when necessary. The trade off is that they save a significant amount on residential heating oil prices.

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Home Heating Oil Prices Nuremburg PA

To cater for all the additional services and features they offer, full-service heating oil suppliers sell their oil at a premium price. Consumers who choose to purchase oil from these suppliers usually have to sign a contract, limiting their options in terms of price, scheduling, and quantities. This option is great for those who want the convenience of giving the responsibility of how much fuel is left in their tank to the company. They do not have to schedule maintenance and many contracts include heater repairs.

If you want to buy heating oil at current market rates and decide how much oil you need and when you need it, you should choose a cash on delivery supplier. Some of the benefits of choosing a C.O.D include the ability to change suppliers as you wish, ability to buy heating oil in the summer when prices are generally lower and the freedom to decide how much oil to buy. However, these homeowners will have to pay full price for repairs and schedule maintenance and repair when necessary. The trade-off is that they get their oil at heavily discounted prices which is more of an economical decision for those who want to cut their energy costs.

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