Why A Full Tank Of Heating Oil Is Important

You may not be able to change the weather but you can certainly control your home environment. When it’s cold outside, fire up the heater to keep the house warm and cozy. Just remember to keep your heating oil tank at or near full capacity as much as possible. Allowing the level to drop beyond the halfway point can lead to the following problems:

Condensation Build-up

When the tank is not full, the empty space is taken up by air. This contains moisture that could condense when exposed to cold temperature. The small beads of water may seem harmless but they can trigger the development of rust. Corrosion will damage the tank from the inside, making it difficult to detect until the damage has become quite severe. By then it will be expensive to fix. Avoid this situation through a periodic fill of heating oil.

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Clogged Lines

The condensation has another effect: creating an ideal environment for fungus, bacteria, and other microbes. Their spores are everywhere just waiting to land on a place that is dark and damp. These microorganisms will thrive inside the tank and cover the walls. They can reach the lines all the way to the burner nozzles where they can cause clogs and failures. You will notice the efficiency of the system going down until it eventually refuses to turn on.

Fuel Depletion

One of the more obvious reasons for topping up your tank is to prevent fuel depletion. It may be a large container but it has a limited storage capacity. If you aren’t paying enough attention, then the contents may run out when you least expect it to. This can be a big problem if it occurs in the middle of winter when the household is most vulnerable to the cold. It will also affect your heating system. Don’t let the family experience this kind of discomfort. Monitor the tank and get more fuel whenever you can.

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Delivery Issues

Scheduling deliveries can be tricky, not least because of the weather. The irony is that you’ll need it most when the conditions make it hard to do obtain fuel. Closed roads, high demand, and other challenges will get in the way. So many things can go wrong. If yours is completely empty, then you might have to endure the cold for a while. Don’t take a risk. It is wiser to get refills on a regular basis rather than wait until the tank is completely depleted.

Costly Purchases

Waiting until the last minute to get more fuel also puts you in a corner in terms of pricing. You will have to contend with the current rates even if they are sky high since you need it immediately. This can really dig a hole in your pocket. On the other hand, those who are proactive at tank monitoring can save a great deal of money. Start checking the prices once the container is half-empty. Go ahead and schedule a delivery if the rates are reasonable. If not, then you have the luxury of waiting until conditions become more favorable.


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Maintaining your fuel oil tank is a vital and necessary part of a homeowner’s duties. It extends the lifespan of your tank while ensuring that your heating system isn’t clogged from sediment. Therefore, it promotes the health of your heater. Be sure to contact R.F. Ohl for heating oil delivery, heater maintenance which includes fuel oil tank maintenance. Our services are friendly, trusted, and affordable.

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