Common Oil Furnace Problems And How To Deal With Them

Regardless of make or model, any oil furnace may encounter certain problems after a period of use. The key to correcting the situation is first understanding what may have caused the problem. This should be done before moving on to conduct the necessary repairs. In some instances, the problem may be minute and only require simple troubleshooting. However, more severe complications may require you to seek the services of a professional.

The Furnace Does Not Start

This problem may occur when the circuit breaker or fuses, connected to the appliance, have a problem. Try restarting the furnace before attempting anything else. In some cases, it is the motor on the burner assembly that has burned out and needs to be replaced.

The Burner Runs But There Is No Flame

In such a situation, the culprit is usually the nozzle of the burner. If some water or debris clog this area, it is likely to hinder proper formation of flames. Replacing the nozzle may do the trick.

The Burner Produces Smoke

This may occur as a result of debris building up inside the nozzle or on hidden parts of the burner. The furnace may also have poorly connected parts or broken sections. It is equally important to take note of the quality of heating oil you use because it may be less than ideal for your type of furnace.

The Furnace Consumes Excessive Fuel

When your furnace seems to be consuming too much fuel, the problem may be the settings. This can be corrected by reviewing instructions on the manual and making adjustments. It is also prudent to check for any possible leaks or poorly calibrated sections that may be causing loss of heat. In addition, if you have a drafty home, then you are also losing additional heat. When your home loses heat, then your furnace has to work hard to try to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, which uses more fuel.

Excessive Smoke, Fumes Or Odor

This can be a result of multiple issues including poor quality fuel oil, debris in the nozzle, blockage of the chimney and a poorly installed oil furnace.

Dealing With Furnace Problems Effectively

Carrying out some troubleshooting on your own may be helpful. However, the truth is that seeking the services of a professional HVAC company is the most effective way to deal with the issues. Experts are able to carry out an extensive examination of the furnace and provide recommendations for problems that you are likely to overlook.

Maintenance services are among the most effective ways of preventing oil furnace problems. It allows the expert to carry out activities such as cleaning hard to reach parts of the appliance and fastening any parts that may have become loose due to frequent use. This, essentially, guards you from having to spend more cash on repairs or replacements.

Professional furnace repair services make it possible for you to continue enjoying the benefits of a working furnace rather than having to buy a brand new one. It is equally important to note that professionals have the tools and knowledge to carry out exceptional installation services as a way of guaranteeing optimal functioning of the appliance.

Professionals ensure that all the safety measures are taken into consideration to prevent undesirable outcomes such as carbon production or fire outbreaks.

Oil Furnace Repair Nazareth PA

When your furnace is acting up, then you will need a trustworthy HVAC specialist to repair it. Even if your furnace is not displaying any obvious issues, maintaining your furnace has numerous benefits including enhanced energy efficiency and improved comfort levels of your home. Contact R.F. Ohl for all of your home heating needs. We also offer reliable and affordable heating oil delivery services. Be sure to contact us to find out more on our fuel oil delivery options.

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