What New Homeowners Should Know About Oil For House Heating

heating with fuel oilOne of the most vital appliances in the home is the heating system, especially homes located in harsh winter climates.

If you are not familiar with oil heating systems, and you have just moved into a home that has one, it’s time to familiarize yourself with it. You should learn its requirements, mechanisms, and features before using it.

Also, pat yourself on the back for choosing this home because heating oil comes with many benefits that do not exist with electrical or natural gas heating.

What You Should Know When Using Heating Oil In Your Home

This article will explain some of the perks you will enjoy when you select oil as your heating fuel of choice.

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Reliability of Fuel Oil Supply

Because natural gas is a fuel that is in high demand, there is not as abundant of supply as there once was. Unless something changes in the market soon, the fear of shortages in the future is justified, causing increased anxiety. On the other hand, home heating oil is in lower demand, and there is ample supply. Today’s homeowners have nothing to worry about when it comes to heating their homes with oil because a continuous supply is assured. They will continue to keep their homes comfortable no matter how cold it gets outside.

Low Cost For Heating Oil

energy-costsThe law of supply and demand tells us that when the demand is low, and the supply is abundant, the price of heating oil will remain affordable. This is exactly what can be expected with heating oil for the foreseeable future. Across the United States, decreases in prices are already being felt. That is why people are stocking up now in preparation for the coming winter. Because heating the home is a significant expense, budget-conscious individuals will monitor heating oil prices and purchase oil at the lowest possible price. The savings will add up and allow the money to be diverted to other important purchases.

Eco-Friendly Fuel Oil

Some people believe that oil furnaces produce and leave behind soot that is difficult to clean. This may have been true 100 years ago, but that is not true with today’s oil furnaces.

Advances in technology these days mean that home oil heating performs better without a harsh impact on the environment. During the past 50 years there have been enormous strides made in the development of heating systems . Now, they burn 95% cleaner than was true several decades ago.

Today’s modern oil heating systems must pass strict Environmental Protection Agency standards. To reduce emissions even more, renewable and low sulfur biofuels are now available.

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Fuel Oil Safety

Unlike natural gas, it is safe to store heating oil at home. Since it will not burn in liquid form, it is not likely to combust into a fire. It would need to be heated more than 140 degrees for it to vaporize so that it can burn. Additionally, it has no inherent carcinogens, so there is no reason to fear that family members would develop cancer from exposure to it. Even when there is an issue, oil heating systems produce obvious before any major issues occur. Natural gas systems do not offer this level of safety. Natural gas is highly explosive and can lead to housefires. Also, natural gas leaks are not unheard, furthering the risk when using this as a heating fuel.

Energy-Efficient Heating Oil Systems

residential energy efficiencyIt is not unusual for the efficiency rating of oil furnaces today to be as high as 95%, and that means less fuel will be consumed while heating your home. You get an exceptional comfort level at a very low operating cost. That means the fuel you buy today to heat your home every winter will last longer than it did before.

Durable Fuel Oil Systems With Long Lifespans

Depending on use and maintenance, oil furnaces can last as long as three decades or so. That’s considerably longer than natural gas heating systems. This should give a measure of relief to anyone investing in a new furnace because they can expect to receive extensive service from the unit.

Remote Access And Oil Heat

There are times when the use of natural gas is just not an option because of the remote access of the home. Remote locations are harder to get to for utility companies and city infrastructure. There may simply not be any pipes close by to deliver natural gas to a home. In addition, it is expensive to convert a home from an oil-burning furnace to natural gas. There is no limitation when it comes to using heating oil. As long as an oil tank is there to receive and hold the oil, oil suppliers can deliver it anywhere.

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