Fuel Oil: Its Role And History In Home Heating

family spending time indoorsOver the past few decades, oil has become one of the most fiercely debated sources of fuel in the world. However, although we tend to think of oil as a completely modern product, actually, humans have been using oil’s raw components (like bitumen) for centuries without issue. These days, oil still has a vital role in society since it is relatively inexpensive, easily transportable, and very efficient (with fossil fuels being the most efficient source of fuel in the world).

What Is Home Heating Oil Stockertown PA?

Heating oil comes from the remains of ancient animals and plants that have been compressed by geological forces over time. They eventually transformed into liquid carbon and hydrogen strings. The viscous liquid started bubbling out of the ground in different parts of the world.

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Oil Is Effective & Efficient

Oil travels on a long journey starting deep down in the earth and ultimately to the tank inside of your house. It starts with crude oil that is transformed into a number of different products, which include heating oil, jet fuel, and gasoline. Oil is very stable and needs to be heated over 140 degrees before it starts to burn. Inside of your boiler or furnace, the oil burns very hot – which is 400 degrees hotter than propane or natural gas – and is very efficient in heating your house!

A Brief History Of Oil’s Role In Society

heating oilThe use of naturally-occurring bitumen occurred with the development of the earliest cities. Bitumen was used for creating asphalt in Iraq close to the Euphrates river 6,000 years ago. From that point, its use spread to Europe and all over the world. Ancient Greece is where oil first got its modern name, petroleum, which comes from the Greek word “petra, which means rock, and “oleum” which means oil.

Oil’s modern history started during the 1840s when a Canadian geologist discovered that you could distill crude oil into kerosene to light lanterns. Heating oil was invented soon after when M.A. Fessler invented the oil burner to take advantage of the discoveries of crude oil in California.

The oil industry then grew and spread all over the world. Today, scientists are still discovering reserves of oil that were previously unknown in remote locations, like deep under the ocean and over the arctic circle. That is why we didn’t hit peak oil by 2000 as had been predicted by researchers. The abundance of the oil reserves of the Earth has exceeded our expectations, which means that oil will continue to be a viable source of fuel for decades into the future. In recent years, a surplus of oil has been produced by the oil industry which is why prices have stayed low.

These days, over 3/4 of the oil that the United States uses comes outside of OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries). Frequently, our supplies come from Venezuela, Mexico, and Canada. As the leading home heating oil supplier in the area, we have unmatched resources and have never run out of our supply of oil.

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How A Home Is Heated By Oil

oil furnaceAs mentioned above, oil starts its long journey starting deep inside of the earth and ultimately into the tank in your home. It begins with the transformation of crude oil into several different products, including heating oil, jet fuel, and gasoline, which get transported all over the world via pipelines, vehicles, and ships. Transportation is all made possible since oil is very stable. It needs to be heated over 140 degrees before it starts to burn. Oil may be shipped over long distances without a high risk of human health hazards or explosions, unlike other fuels that are highly combustible.

Although in principle oil heating works in a similar way to gas heating (hot air gets created via the combustion process, and then gets circulated around your house), it is a lot safer. After it is inside of your boiler or furnace, the oil burns very hot – 400 degrees hotter than propane or natural gas. Also, it does not ignite at cooler temperatures. That is why many homeowners prefer to use oil instead of propane or natural gas. An oil leak, unlike gas, is unable to disperse into the air and be ignited by a lighter or match, for example. Therefore, accidental explosions are very unlikely, when an oil heating system is used.

Also, oil heat is the most efficient way to heat your house; since oil heats at a very high temperature, it produces heat out of less fuel. Oil is able to create heat in the amount of around 140,000 BTUs per gallon. By contrast, natural gas typically products around 100,000 BTUs. Oil furnaces tend to last for a longer time than gas furnaces – around 30 years for oil furnaces versus 14 years for gas furnaces. The myth of oil being less efficient gas mainly stems from how long oil furnaces last. Many individuals who purchase houses with oil heating end up with a 20-year-old furnace and don’t replace it since it is perfect working order still. However, today’s oil furnaces (such as modern gas furnaces) are a lot more efficient compared to heaters from the 1990s. If you purchase a house with oil heating, it is a good idea to consider upgrading the furnace seriously.

After having a modern, highly efficient oil furnace installed, you can then enjoy all of the unique advantages that oil that offers: affordability, efficiency, and safety.

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