The Advantages Of Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil

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Those living in Pennsylvania who use oil as their fuel source can now enjoy the benefits of ultra-low sulfur heating oil commonly referred to as ULSHO. This amazing fuel oil has numerous advantages over natural gas. It is also far superior to heating oils offered in years past. This article will explore ULSHO including what it is and how commercial and residential property owners can benefit from it.

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An Overview of ULSHO

Over the past five decades, oil refineries have been gradually removing sulfur from heating oil using HDS or the hydrodesulfurization process. Currently, ultra-low sulfur heating oil contains just 15 parts sulfur per million, which is a dramatic decrease from the 2,000 parts-per-million that was being used in Pennsylvania heating oil throughout 2015. As such, ULSHO is one of the top options in heating fuel in terms of being friendly to the natural environment.

Sulfur is commonly considered to be the dirty portion of fuel. This is the sooty, black component of oil fuel. By limiting the amount of sulfur that’s present in heating oil, it is possible to reduce pollution and the impact that fuel has on both human health and the environment.

For anyone using oil heat, switching to ULSHO provides greater peace of mind as you can know that you’re doing all you can to limit your carbon footprint and your impact on the environment. Both property owners and oil suppliers alike can use ULSHO by working together to make knowledgeable and conscientious decisions about how buildings and homes are being heated.


What Are Some Of The Benefits Consumers Gain From ULSHO?

image of scarf around house depicting use of oil heatThere are many benefits that come from switching to heating oil that has an ultra-low sulfur content. Following, we’ll talk about some of these benefits that business owners and homeowners will invariably gain.

ULSHO Is A Much Cleaner Burning Fuel

Compared to traditional heating oil, ULSHO burns far cleaner. This fuel lowers particulate matter by 97 percent, while additionally reducing sulfur dioxide by 99 percent, carbon dioxide by 2 percent, and nitrous oxide by 30 percent. With ULSHO, there is also 90 percent less ash accumulation, and 40 percent less soot.


Heating Efficiency Is Vastly Improved


ULSHO is actually superior to all other heating fuels. Given that this ultra-low sulfur oil reduces both scaling and sooting, you’ll have more heat in your home and less heat escaping through the chimney. Even when this top-notch oil as compared to natural gas, it still wins hands-down. 40 percent more natural gas would need to be burned to match the heat output of ULSHO. As such, ULSHO provides the highest level of efficiency as well as an effective way to dramatically reduce your spending on heating.

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Extend The Lifespan Of Your Heating Equipment

Because ULSHO is far cleaner burning, it actually prolongs the lifespan of heating equipment. When fuel is rated as burning clean, it means that there will be fewer deposits or buildups on heating system components like the heat exchanger. As stated before, ash buildup is reduced by 90 percent and soot by 40 percent. Thus, in addition to being far more efficient, ULSHO has the ability to lower your spending on heating system replacements and repairs.

The Costs Of ULSHO And Necessary Upgrades To Heating Systems

PA property owners will start receiving ULSHO at the start of September 2020. This will likely cause concern for some living in Pennsylvania at this time. Many will wonder whether their heating systems will need to be upgraded or altered to ensure compatibility. Others will wonder if this superior fuel source is going to cost them more.

The good news is that you can continue using the same heating equipment that currently exists in your residential or commercial building. There is no need for upgrades or alterations to existing heating systems in order to switch to ULSHO from conventional heating oil. Moreover, heating oil with ultra-low sulfur content costs about the same as traditional heating oil.



Starting in September 2020, Pennsylvania residents will begin receiving ULSHO from their heating oil delivery companies. This fuel boasts a number of advantages over other heating oils and it’s also much lower in cost for commercial and residential property owners within the region. These benefits include lower heating costs, greater overall efficiency, prolonged lifespans for heating systems, and an approach towards heating that is far better for the environment all-around.


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