Interesting Things to Know About Home Heating Oil

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We are approaching winter and it is during this time that most people begin to think about the best way to keep their households warm. Everyone wants a method of heating their home which is not only efficient but also cost-effective. There are various fuel options available, and you can incorporate certain methods to ensure that your home is energy efficient.

At the end of the day, a heating system is not only about being warm, it actually contributes a lot to your monthly energy bill; accounting for up to 40% of the amount.

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Comprehensive Information About Heating Oil

This information will help you if you already have a furnace that runs on oil or you are thinking of upgrading to a better unit. It’s important to know what is enabling your unit to work. Below are some heating oil facts, and with these facts, you should be able to make an informed decision for your house.

Fuel Oil Usage

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On average, 18 million homes in America have heating units that use heating oil. The Northeast part of the country has the greatest demand when it comes to household heating oil. So, over 5,5 million homes in that part of the nation have heating systems which run on heating oil.

Storing Heating Oil

Basically, the heating oil is stored at one of three depots located in the Northeast; Port Reading N.J., Revere M.A., and Groton C.T.

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Heating Oil Is Clean-Burning

If you choose to make use of heating oil, you will be using one of the cleanest sources of fuel. This is even more true for the latest heating units that are fueled by oil; they produce almost zero emissions and work effectively at the same time. You can find a unit that has an efficiency rating of 95%.

In total, a unit that runs on oil in the United States only generates .003% particulate emissions.

Bioheat Technology

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Because of the advancements in bioheat technology, the formula used to make the oil is also improving. You can add low-sulfur biofuels which are produced from a blend of oil and sunflower or soybeans to the heating oil. This in turn reduces emissions and particulates by up to 80%.

HVAC Maintenance For Oil-Fired Home Heating Systems

Using clean fuel with your heating systems will result in fewer tune-ups and cleanings. The situation is very different if you opt for traditional oil; the oil contains sulfur which tends to collect on the heat exchangers. This means that the unit needs to be cleaned up on a regular basis to ensure that it continues to work efficiently.

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Heating Oil Burns Hotter Compared To Natural Gas


Heating oil can burn up to 300 degrees hotter compared to natural gas. That means it warms the interior of your home much quicker.

Oil-Fired Heating Units Are Energy Efficient

The heating oil that is required nowadays to run heating units is less than 25% when compared to what it was in the year 1989. This is because of an increase in inefficiency.

The price of heating oil is also significantly lower in comparison to electricity and natural gas. It is estimated that oil is more efficient by as much as 16% than natural gas.

The Cost Of Heating Oil

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Taking into account the rate of inflation, heating oil is more affordable than it was two decades ago. In general, the price of oil is up to 5.5 times lesser than electricity prices. Also, if you have a unit that uses heating oil, you will pay less than those who use natural gas units.

Safety & Heating Oil

This type of oil is quite safe. One of its advantages is that it is non-explosive. This is the case even in instances where it comes into contact with air. If you light a match and throw it into the oil, it will simply go out.

Heating oil is also not hazardous to your health; breathing in the fumes will not harm you. And, you will not have to worry about being exposed to carbon monoxide.

Heating Oil Access

Another benefit linked to heating oil is how easy it is to deliver; even in those remote regions. Some types of fuel such as gas cannot be easily accessed.

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Fuel Oil Supplies

As a homeowner, the last thing that you will need to worry about is having a heating oil shortage. This is because unlike propane and natural gas, heating oil is always available and ready to be stored in your heating oil tank.

The Durability Of A System Powered By Heating Oil

Homeowners would be happy to know that oil-powered heating units can last for over 30 years if they are properly maintained.


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