Unbeatable Summer Energy-Saving Tips For Homeowners

how to reduce your cooling costsMost people switch on their cooling system and blast it after being in the sweltering heat. However, the truth is that blasting your AC is probably going to work against you at the end of the month. Significantly lowering your thermostat doesn’t cool your house down any faster. In fact, experts advise that you keep your thermostat and the outdoor temperatures as close as is comfortable. A smaller temperature difference makes it possible for you to save money on your cooling expenses. Also, you can use other techniques to cool down that don’t strain your pocketbook. You can drink a glass of cold water, use fans, and dress for the weather.

Be sure to turn down the thermostat 5-8 degrees when you leave the house. It is worth pointing out that there are smart or programmable thermostat systems that can optimize settings in such a way that they effectively save energy and guard against high utility bills. When using one of these devices, you can increase your level of comfort. You won’t pay to cool an empty home, and when you do come home, you will arrive in a pleasant and comfortable home each time. Also, make sure that you schedule an A/C tune-up before the peak of the heat arrives. This ensures a system that is performing efficiently and reliably.

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Cook Outside

summer energy saving tipsA lot of people cook in their homes which is one of the reasons why their room temperatures go up. The result is that your cooling system kicks on more often to achieve your thermostat’s settings. However, if you wish to cut down on costs, you should consider cooking outside or using a microwave.

Close Curtains Or Blinds

Another way to keep the house cool is by drawing the curtains in such a manner that they keep the sun out. By doing this, the sun won’t heat up your home, and in turn, it will prevent your air conditioner from running more than it should.

Allow Air In And Out

It is wise to open your windows at night if you live in an area that has cooler nights to help with air circulation. Doing so will keep the house cool. Be sure to close your windows to trap in the cool air before the heat from the day starts. When landscaping your property, you should make use of the cooling effects of trees by planting some shade trees. Shade trees are known to have aesthetic qualities while helping to reduce your energy costs. Also, be sure to use ceiling fans when you are at home. Remember that fans create a windchill effect. Therefore, turn them off when leaving a room. Fans cool people and not rooms. All homeowners should schedule an annual AC tune-up to enhance their air conditioner’s performance and energy efficiency.

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Use LED Lighting

Once you have drawn the blinds or curtains in the house, you may end up having to deal with a dimly lit house. For situations like this, use LED lighting. Incandescent bulbs usually turn 90% of their energy into heat which is why you should remove them from your home. Installing LED bulbs is likely to reduce your energy use by 75% while also ensuring longer life of the bulbs.


energy efficient homeJust about all electronics tend to emit heat which is why you are advised only to use the ones that are necessary. If, for example, you are watching the television, it may be a good idea to switch off your home theater system.

Another thing you should do is keep electronics, such as lamps, away from your thermostat. The heat they emit can be misread by the cooling system, prompting it to overwork. One rule of thumb is to think about the electronics that can heat your home and turn them off when they are not in use.

You would be surprised at how much energy is wasted by leaving lights on. Also, by unplugging your appliances, you can save a bundle as well.


Summer Energy Saving Tips

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