Best Tips For An Energy Efficient Home This Summer Season

sealing air draftsSummer is just around the corner so you should prepare for the warm weather by making your home summer-compliant. It does not matter if you are using the best heating and ventilation system in the market or a relatively good one.

All HVAC systems operate along with the same basic principles. If there are air leaks in your home this summer, your cooling system will not function effectively. This situation will lead to higher energy bills, and this is not in your financial interest.

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How To Check For Drafts To Ensure An Energy Efficient Home

Below are some of the best energy efficient tips for the summer season.

Look Around

You do not need a microscope to spot potential sources of energy loss. Just take a careful look at all your windows and doors. Look out for places where the caulking is not as good as it should be. Your doors and windows are potential sources of air leaks so you should concentrate on these areas. Other causes of energy loss are damaged glazing and gaps between the frames and the siding. If you notice any of these problems, the right call is to get an expert to solve the problem immediately.

The Paper Test

You can carry out this simple test in two ways. Just shut your door or window on a dollar bill. If you can easily pull the money out, it is likely you have a leak. Another variation of this test is to hold a piece of paper in places where you suspect a leak. If the paper moves, you have just confirmed your suspicion. However, if the paper does not move, it means there is no air leak.

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Use The Smoke Test

Sometimes, you might not spot potential problems by just looking around. That is why you need the smoke test. Just close all your doors and windows then turn off all your combustion appliances (heaters, furnace, etc.). Now, hold a lighted candle or an incense stick close to the edges of your windows and doors. If the smoke remains undisturbed, you can safely assume there are no leaks in that area. On the other hand, if the smoke from the incense gets drawn towards the windows and doors, it means there are holes or cracks that you have not been able to spot.

Use the Flashlight Test

how to reduce your cooling costsThis test will reveal areas where you have cracks and gaps in your home. For the best results, you should perform this test when it is dark. Get a powerful flashlight and have someone in your house flash the light at the edges of walls in your home. Now, you stand outside and watch out for lights seeping through. If there are cracks and gaps, this test will point out their location to you.

Edges and Corners Outside the Home

The edges and corners where different building materials meet is a significant culprit for air leaks. Pay special attention to outdoor faucets, the chimney area and other places where you suspect there may be cracks or gaps.

Get Technical

You can carry out a technical test of your own if you use an infrared thermometer. This thermometer is non-contact equipment that measures the temperature around your doors and windows frames. If your infrared thermometer registers a colder temperature in some parts of the home, it likely you have an air leak in that vicinity.

Invite a Professional

You are probably a very observant person, but you are not a professional. Do not try to prepare your home for the summer without involving a professional. If you have spotted the energy wasters in your home, the right call is to invite a competent HVAC expert to solve the problem. Do this, and you will enjoy the summer.

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