What Size Oil Tank Do I Need?

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More than six million homes in the United States use oil to heat their homes. If your home is part of this and you are thinking of purchasing a new oil heating system, you need to think about your heating oil tank size.

Heating oil tanks are durable. However, like everything in life, it won’t last forever. Inspect your oil tank to see if it is outdated, has wear and tear, or if it still fits your current needs. Buying a new one means that you need to consider the heating oil tank size. The tank capacity will depend on how big your house is. It will also determine how long your heating unit can heat the space.

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What Size Oil Tank Do I Need?

Here are the things you need to consider when choosing the heating oil tank size for your home:

Fuel Oil Tank Size Options

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Before you go out and buy a new heating oil tank, the first thing you need to know is your current tank’s size. This will help you determine the size you need and the other sizes available.
The two sets of numbers you need when looking at heating oil tank sizes are:

  • Tank capacity in gallons
  • The tank’s width, height, and depth

If you have a relatively new tank, there is usually a nameplate where the capacity is indicated. However, if you have an older tank, the nameplate might have faded, or there is no nameplate at all. In this case, you need to estimate the capacity according to the tank’s dimensions.

Residential oil tanks placed above ground, like in the basement or yard, have a 275-gallon capacity. They typically have a horizontal or vertical structure and have 60″ wide by 44″ high and 27″ deep dimensions. They come in various other sizes, such as 288, 340, 420, 518, 550, 555, or 675 gallons. Oil tanks that are below ground come in considerably larger sizes as well.

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Which Oil Tank Size Is For Best Your Home?

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As a general rule, a home with one to two rooms needs a heating oil tank with a capacity of 275 gallons. Whereas a three- or four-bedroom house needs a tank with at least 300- or 500-gallon capacity. If your home is more extensive than this, multiply these numbers with how many rooms the house has.

However, keep in mind that there are other things you need to factor in when choosing the right tank size for your home. Check to see the maximum oil tank size your home can accommodate. Some homes have certain limits and cannot fit larger heating oil tanks. There might also be statutory requirements that need to be accomplished if you want to put the tank outside.

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Think About Your Fuel Oil Consumption Habits

Consider how much oil your household consumes as well. If there is a likely chance that more people will live in your house soon, include them in the oil tank’s capacity you are planning to buy. If you are retiring soon or have elderly family members in the house, you might be spending a lot of time at home, so you need extra heating as well.

You should also take into account all emergencies. For instance, if you live in an area with frequent snowstorms, you might not get tank refills on time. Therefore, include a safety margin by adding at least a 30 percent extra capacity when buying a tank so that you are not caught off guard during emergencies.

Hire An Expert Oil Tank Installation Company

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When you’ve determined the right tank size for your home, call a professional heating oil tank installation company to help you. An expert technician will assess whether you chose the right oil tank size to fit your situation and needs. They will also ensure that the installation process is conducted safely, professionally, and promptly.

Certified heating oil tank installers will make sure that the oil tank is in an ideal location in your home. They will also ensure that it is secured to a solid foundation. This way, oil leaks, and other dangerous issues are prevented. A professional will also ensure that the tank will not succumb to hazards brought about by any temperature drops. All risks will be assessed through the necessary industry-standard protocols so that they are prevented as well.

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