Homeowner Tips For The Fall Season

fall maintenance checklistThe fall season has arrived. Therefore, it is the perfect time to think about preparing your home for colder weather.

By getting these tasks done during the fall, your house will be cozy and comfortable all throughout winter. Also, it will help save money on your utility bills.

Fall maintenance chores are reasonably straightforward.

They help protect your home, which is undoubtedly one of your most important investments. By getting these tasks done before the cold season hits, you can prevent damage to your home and budget.

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Heating Oil Companies Near Me: Homeowner Tips For The Fall Season

In this article, we will talk about some helpful tips to prepare your home for the coming winter season. By completing these tasks, you can feel the peace of mind knowing that your home is ready for the cold weather.

Check Your Roof & Look For Damage

Take some time during the day to walk around your property. Look for any signs of roof damage.

Look for broken, curling, or missing shingles. Use binoculars so that you can see if there are any bare spots where the coating has worn off. Since a roof is vital for your warmth and comfort during the cold weather, you need to replace or repair your roof before the first snowfall.

Gutters: Check & Clean


Check your gutters and remove any blockages such as leaves and twigs.

This debris obstructs the water flow, causing water to pool inside your gutter. A clogged gutter can lead to problems such as foundation damage and a flooded basement. Remember to schedule any repairs before the winter weather arrives.

Check Safety Alarms: Smoke & CO Detectors

If you have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, check to see that they are all working adequately.

Replace the batteries if needed. If you don’t have these safety alarms, now is a good time to get them. Also, check the expiration date of your fire extinguisher. Buy a new one if it is expired.

Check For Air Drafts: Doors & Windows

Heated air escapes through the gaps and cracks that are found along your windows and doors. These air leaks increase your energy bills because your heating system has to work more to compensate for the loss of heated air.

Go through your home and inspect your windows. Make sure that the seals around the window frame aren’t worn down.

If they are, caulk where needed. Likewise, be sure to use or weather-stripping around your doors. Also, check your home’s insulation and add more if necessary.

These methods will reduce the flow of heated air out of your home. You can also add heavy drapes or cover your window with plastic to help block air infiltration.


Chimney Winter Safety

Creosote accumulates in your chimney. This buildup can start chimney fires.

Have your chimney checked and cleaned by a professional after every 70 fires. However, if you burn wet wood, get it cleaned after every 50 fires.

An easy way to tell if your chimney needs to be cleaned is to run the tip of your fireplace poker along the inside of your chimney. If there are around 1/8 inches or more of buildup, you need to have it cleaned.

Cold Season Lighting

The winter season brings colder and darker months. You can accentuate natural light by cleaning your windows and blinds. You can also use white curtains in rooms that receive a lot of sunlight. You can also add lighting to darker areas of your home. Replace incandescent light bulbs with more energy-efficient ones.

Heating System Maintenance: Furnace & Boiler Tune-Up

furnace tune-upOne of the most vital tasks to do this fall is to get an annual furnace tune-up.

A tune-up includes an inspection of all of the components of your heating system.

It makes sure that your heating equipment is performing at peak efficiency. Since your home heating costs account for the majority of your energy costs during the winter, a tune-up is a great way to lower your utility bills.

As mentioned above, an HVAC technician will inspect your system from top to bottom. This aspect gives you the opportunity to address any minor issues before they escalate into costly HVAC repairs. The technician will also make sure that your system is performing safely.

Consult a professional HVAC company to perform a tune-up on your furnace.

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Fill Your Oil Tank To Pay Low Heating Oil Prices

If you heat your home with oil, then you have a fuel oil tank. During the fall, it is best to get your oil tank filled by a reputable fuel delivery company.

Many homeowners wait until their tank is almost empty to schedule a heating oil delivery. As the weather starts getting colder, oil companies get busier. To prevent going without heat, schedule a delivery soon.

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