Tips To Reduce Your Home Heating Oil Bill This Winter

home heatingWhen summer is over, most property owners begin preparing for the heating season. As outdoor temperatures plummet, virtually all homeowners search continuously for ways to reduce the energy costs for their home.

Most individuals are fully aware that home heating costs can get out of control very quickly if appropriate planning is not in place.

Nobody wants to pay a high heating bill, which is why it is in your best interest to locate simple, easy and cost-effective ways to reduce your energy bills throughout winter.

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Best Energy Saving Tips For Oil Heating

There are many simple and effective avenues through which to prevent your heating bills from spiraling out of control during cold seasons. Below are some great tips that will help you reduce your heating fuel costs this winter:

Complete Heater Maintenance Before Winter

furnace maintenanceOn a yearly basis, before the beginning of winter, you should contact your HVAC company and ask them to schedule a heating system tune-up.

When an HVAC technician comes to your home, they will evaluate the system and determine whether or not it is functioning appropriately. If they discover problems within the heating system or any of its parts, they can repair any small issues before they become large ones.

Regular maintenance also prevents complete breakdowns, in many cases. The HVAC tech will diagnose the system as well, to make sure it is operating efficiently.

If you overlook annual maintenance on your heater and your system is not running correctly, it will have to work extra to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. This additional laboring will almost certainly lead to more expensive energy costs and increased fuel oil use. For this reason, it is worth the investment to schedule regular maintenance on the system.

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Change Dirty HVAC Filters Regularly

As the weeks go on, the air filters in your heating system can become clogged with dust, dirt, hair, and all kinds of debris.

With clogged air filters, the unit must labor harder, leading to higher energy costs to maintain a comfortable dwelling.

Therefore, it is always in your best interest to check your air filter at least once a month to see if a replacement is needed. However, if you have pets or live in a dusty region, the filter should be checked more frequently. No two houses are the same, so generally speaking, whenever air filters become dirty, they should be replaced.


Conserve Energy By Making Adjustments To Your Thermostat

thermostatWhen it is chilly outside, numerous homeowners choose an extra high setting for the thermostats. You should avoid cranking up your thermostat, however. Instead, you should set the thermostat to the coolest degree possible without feeling uncomfortable. Wearing a few extra layers or putting on a sweater may make it possible for you to lower the thermostat and save a significant amount of money without sacrificing comfort.

Benefits Of Installing & Using Programmable Thermostats

Where saving money is concerned, the use of a programmable thermostat can make a significant difference in your heating bill. When the home is empty, such as when everyone is at work or school, you can set the thermostat to lower the temperature. You can set it to increase just before you return so that your home is comfortable upon your arrival. Because these devices go up and down automatically, you do not use as much heat during the winter as you would with a standard thermostat. Ultimately, using a programmable thermostat helps lower your energy bill.

Eliminating Air Drafts Around Doors And Windows

Before winter starts, evaluate your windows and doors for drafts. If doors and windows do not fit snugly, cold air will almost certainly seep into the home, and warm air is lost. Therefore, any drafty areas you discover should be caulked before temperatures drop. The simple task can lower your energy bill considerably.


Reduce Your Heating Costs With Discount Heating Oil

home fuel oil delivery servicePurchasing fuel from R.F. Ohl is an excellent avenue through which to lower the overall cost of your energy bill. We offer high quality, discount fuel oil. You will quickly discover that if you purchase from us, you will enjoy lower heating bills throughout winter. We offer the most competitive heating oil prices in the area. Do not pay more for the same grade of fuel oil. Instead, call us for fast and affordable oil delivery.

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Use Window Treatments Correctly In The Winter

You can save money on your energy bill by utilizing proper window treatments. For example, all your south-facing windows will be in the path of direct sunlight during the daytime. Therefore, the curtains and blinds should be kept open on these windows. However, it is important to remember to close them at night, as the drapes and blinds will help insulate the inside of the house from the cold glass.


There are many ways to reduce your winter energy bills and conserve fuel. By utilizing the tips outlined above, your fuel costs in 2019 can be reduced by several hundred dollars when compared with your 2018 bills.

For reliable and fast heating oil delivery, get in touch with a professional at R.F. Ohl.

You can depend on us to deliver affordable heating fuel in a timely manner. Also, we also offer many other home comfort services at competitive prices. Contact R.F. Ohl for more information about maintaining your HVAC unit and reducing your fuel costs this winter.

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