Why Use A Ductless Air Conditioner For An Oil-Heated Home Without Ducts?

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Hydronic heating systems are usually utilized in most oil-heated homes. This means these homes do not have HVAC ductwork. Therefore, oil-heat homeowners tend to depend more on window air conditioners for cooling during summer than central air systems. When it concerns air conditioning for old houses, using this type of system may have been logical in the past. However, ductless air conditioning systems have changed this. It is a better alternative for homes without ducts, so if you are searching for a replacement, consider using a ductless air conditioner instead of a window air conditioner.

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Why Window Air Conditioners are Poor Cooling Solutions

Here are several reasons window cooling units are poor cooling solutions:

Bulky Window Air Conditioners

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Central air conditioners consist of outdoor and indoor units that operate together to provide cooling to your home. These two parts are combined in a single unit in a window air conditioner, so they become bulky. Engineers have not been able to significantly reduce the window air conditioner’s size even after decades since they were first invented. They always protrude outside the house and destroy your home’s facade. Aside from being unsightly, it can also decrease the value of the property because of reduced curb appeal.

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Window Air Conditioners are Expensive

Air conditioners use a considerable amount of power. Therefore, the price of the air conditioner shouldn’t be the only factor considered when shopping for a new one. You should consider the operational cost as well. The bad news is that window air conditioners are costly to operate due to their inefficiency. They have higher energy consumption for their size than other cooling solutions.

Loud Window Air Conditioners

image of a homeowner covering ears due to window AC unit making noise

Window air conditioners have all their components in a single box, so you will hear every part loud and clear as they go through each cooling cycle. This can be annoying if you have a window unit in your bedroom. Loud bangs and clicks can keep you awake all night. You may have a cold room, but you still won’t be able to sleep well. The noise may also become worse as time passes. Look for a better cooling solution if you can’t take the noise anymore.

Window Air Conditioning Units Don’t Cool Well

The cooling capacity of a window air conditioner is severely limited. You may get the largest window air conditioner for your home, but it still won’t be enough to cool a large house. It is only sufficient for small to medium-sized rooms. Spaces bigger than this need multiple window air conditioners.

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Poor Indoor Air Quality

woman sneezing due to poor indoor air quality

Window air conditioners tend to develop gaps around the perimeter. This lets unfiltered outdoor air inside your home. This may have many pollutants that can trigger allergies and respiratory issues. Window air conditioners that are poorly designed may not filter air sufficiently as well. As a result, the air moving through the unit may still contain allergens. Window ACs also tend to create the perfect environment for the growth of house mold and bacteria, resulting in poor indoor air quality.

The Benefits of Using Ductless Air Conditioners

Now that you know why window air conditioners are less than ideal, here is one of the best cooling alternatives and reasons you should consider switching to it:

Ductless Air Conditioners are Energy Efficient

image of a house with energy efficiency ratings

Comparing the energy efficiency between window air conditioners and ductless units will prove that the latter is better at converting electricity to cooling capacity. Ductless air conditioners may have a higher initial cost, but you will have reduced monthly energy bills. This gives you significant savings down the line.

Ductless Air Conditioners are Space Savers

Ductless systems consist of an indoor air handler and an outdoor condenser unit. The indoor unit is slim and compact, so it is easy to place in a room. It does not take a window and block natural light. You can even place ductless units up a wall so it can be inconspicuous and won’t disrupt the room’s aesthetics.

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Ductless Cooling Systems are Quiet

Most of the components that produce noise are in the outdoor unit. You won’t hear them because the exterior wall provides insulation. You will only hear a low hum from the indoor air handler. This noise is barely noticeable, so you can still sleep soundly or work without interruptions.


HVAC Zoning

Ductless systems make it possible to divide your home into HVAC zones so you can have varying temperatures in each zone per the occupants’ preferences. This way, there is greater comfort for all family members, and they don’t have to endure the fixed temperature setting for the whole house. You can also switch off the air conditioner in unoccupied zones.


Ductless Air Conditioners Provide Higher Indoor Air Quality

There is no ductwork that can get dirty. Therefore, it cannot spoil the indoor air. Ductless systems have advanced multi-layer filtration systems that are highly effective in stopping allergens and pollutants from circulating throughout your home. This way, you have a healthier indoor environment.

Why Ductless Air Conditioners are More Affordable than Forced-Air AC Systems

Many homes with radiant heating systems weren’t built to have HVAC ductwork. Therefore, installing a forced-air cooling system means you need to install ductwork around the house. This may entail tearing down walls and ceilings so ducts can pass through. It is a time-consuming, expensive, and labor-intensive process. On the other hand, ductless air conditioner installation does not require massive changes to your home. They only need to make a three-inch hole so a conduit can pass through and connect the indoor and outdoor units. You can be sure that installing a ductless unit is a non-disruptive, quick, and affordable process.

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Window air conditioners are an outdated technology that has many disadvantages. There are better alternatives on the market today, so homeowners should consider an air conditioner upgrade to improve their home’s cooling comfort, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency. Ductless air conditioners offer all these plus affordable installation. Contact your local, trusted HVAC technician to help you find the most suitable ductless air conditioner for your home.

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